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Where to buy our products

In our farm shop. In addition to our products, you will also find products from other local producers.

KUNČICE p. O. 10
TH 3 - 6 PM
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In a modified shipping container you will find vending machines for our dairy products and ice cream. You can pay by card, and for refrigerated products also in cash (coins).

 Fotka obchodu

Or with our customers

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Enjoy the result of our team work

Knowing how to make great ice cream is not as easy as it might seem.
To make delicious ice cream, you must understand it and have quality ingredients.
Sometimes it's just better to join forces. And we got lucky!
There's a great ice cream maker in nearby Frenštát.
And we have the best milk: always fresh and ready.
And in this symbiosis, true, original ice cream from the Beskydy Mountains is created.

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What does "bio" mean?

BIO is not extreme!
Biofarming is about finding a way to create a sustainable agricultural system that honours natural processes, minimizes negative environmental impacts and produces quality food.
Bio involves an approach to producing food and other agricultural products that emphasises sustainability, minimizing synthetic fertilisers and pesticides, promoting biodiversity, improving soil quality, and creating good life conditions for animals.
The "bio" label is a certification awarded to food and agricultural products that meet certain standards and requirements of biofarming. This label means that the product has been produced or grown without the use of artificial fertilizers and chemicals and that strict expectations about animal welfare have been met (in the case of animal products). Bio products and foods are processed and made with minimal usage of artificial ingredients.