How did it all start?

"Our farm was established in 1992. It was founded by my parents, Vojtěch and Irma Menšík. On the foot of the Ondřejník mountain gradually built what is now our family farm. They were mainly engaged in cow breeding and milk production.
Even though I had tought about different jobs and careers, my relationship with the place, feeling a certain responsibility to what my parents had built, but mainly seeing the purpouse in this job, were the key elements that stand behind my desicion to fully commit to the family business. Farma Menšík is currently led by me and my wife and it brings real happiness to both of us."

Our values

nature and freedom
Aim to minimise interference with the ecosystem and respect the natural cycles and needs of the soil, plants and animals (e.g. access to pasture, freedom of movement and expression of natural behaviour)
Awareness and respect for the impact on the environment, animal welfare, human health and community life. It is an effort to conserve resources, minimise waste and pollution, protect soil, water and biodiversity and support natural processes. Responsibility in organic farming also includes compliance with strict organic standards and certifications.
An approach that seeks to minimize negative environmental impacts, protect biodiversity and ensure the long-term sustainability of soil and water quality for future generations.
We lovingly care for 150 cows.
We look after 140 hectares of pasture.
Every week we transorm 1700 liters of milk.
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Who are the people that stand behind Farma Menšík?

Team Farm
Team Dairy

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Visit us on our farm! Stay with us and find out how we make our cheese and other products.

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Information about the operator

Identification data:
  • Jméno: Ing. Oldřich Menšík, Ph.D.
  • IČ: 73184861
  • DIČ: CZ7501164990
  • DS: whtfiuy
  • ČÚ: 174924641/0600
  • Právní forma: Zemědělský podnikatel - fyzická osoba
Sídlo firmy:
  • Kunčice pod Ondřejníkem 10
  • 739 13
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